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SeaGate BlackArmor 440 on Debian

Posted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:15 pm
by bps

Old HW, I know, but I have one in my hands and I've seen that is possible to install Debian on it, here ... or-nas.txt and here ... s-110.html

I'm in this exact point:

I had installed the patch that allows me to SSH awhile back.

I then flashed that patch "sg2000-2000.1337.sp99.img" renamed to "sg4000-4000.1337.sp99.img" since I am using NAS440. The web interface said everything was successful.
I then SSH into the NAS but I didn't use the password "root" I used the old password I created awhile back for the NAS. Which gives me the impression that nothing changed I then decided to check to see if the webinterface is still running and guess was the seagate webinterface is still there. When I try to run apt-get it says it can't find it so I think my NAS is still running "busy-box" and not "debian".

What m I missing?