Developer upload access, upload access

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Developer upload access, upload access

Post by timtim » Thu Jan 01, 2009 3:58 pm

Hi all,
People that want to upload useful files for their devices may now file a request in the NAS-Central bug tracker for permission to do this. We are happy to create a downloads subdomain for your manufacturer to do this.

Download managers move things out of user home directories into the main downloads areas. This is managed by the bug tracker, so following uploading your files (which will appear in your user home areas) file a bug for them to be copied into the correct section. Please remember to specify which manufacturer/device you are using when filing this issue.

If you are looking to upload GPL sources for manufacturers please request access via this method, then upload your files, then file a bug for the sources to be moved to the right place at once your upload has completed.

Thanks for your patience on this issue and please ensure to upload GPL sources to your binaries!

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