HDD not recognized, RAW File system [SOLUTION]

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HDD not recognized, RAW File system [SOLUTION]

Post by todorinski » Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:56 pm

After calling the "support center" in both English and Dutch centers, I received zero efforts from the staff in finding a solution.
I google'd for days how to break the border of file systems while i realized that my mistake was looking at the wrong file system :mrgreen: . As explained in the forum, NAS MD253 format its HDD as XFS file system. In my case (no vague idea why), the system went raw. I tried some forensics software without any luck :shock: . Tried Paragon as well - without a result. Here is the solution i found which reads your data and allows you to export it: http://www.z-a-recovery.com/zar-data-re ... ftware.htm :P

I hope some more efforts could be spent by the "help desk" for helping us, the users (cause we are not supposed to be aware of the computer sciences to find our own solutions afaik) :lol:

Short info about the hardware used: WD10EADS 1TB, NAS MD253.
This is how the DiskPart shows the HDD with RAW format when you use ext/2/3/4 drivers in windows.

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