Will "any" NAS drive conveniently play movies and music

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Will "any" NAS drive conveniently play movies and music

Post by bawldiggle » Thu May 09, 2013 4:24 am

A dumb question I know. :?
There are plenty of buy-me sites but very little info for beginners on the net.
(Most sales sites don't even have a specs list)
Wiki has a lot of technical jargon that is beyond me at the moment.

Will any NAS setup play movies/music to the TV/audio devices ?
I think a 2x3TB Raid1 1G ethernet is what I need (unless you advise otherwise)
Sound system is "Sonos" WiFi speakers.
TV is Samsung will be ethernet connected to NAS (TV does not have DLNA)

• Have looked at WD My Book Live Duo (2x1TB) but in raid-1 is effectively 1TB only of movies/music.
My budget is about $500/$600 as max, but cheaper would be OK.

• Have seen "Netgear NAS RND2000 Duo v2 Diskless" for $184
AND "Seagate Barracuda 4TB, ST4000DM000" for $229 each
Would this be overkill. Have read Seagate are better quality ??
This forum list 6 (I assume preferred/better/popular) brands, one of which is Netgear.

• I can also access DLink DNS320L with 2x2TB with Hitachi discs.
But cannot find any blogs/commentaries to help with my decision

Is there anything I should avoid ?
Even links to sites or threads for beginners, would be appreciated. :)

Thank you :)
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Re: Will "any" NAS drive conveniently play movies and music

Post by Mijzelf » Sun May 12, 2013 12:01 pm

Your questions are hard to answer. Any NAS containing a mediaserver is able to stream movies and music. The needed bandwidth is peanuts for a NAS. But not all mediaservers work nicely together with all kinds of mediaplayers.
So your actual question is: which NAS will work nicely with my Sonos and Samsung. Sorry, I have no clue. I think you'd Google on problems with Sonos and Samsung in combination with a mediaserver, to find out which servers are *not* compatible. Unfortunately it's much harder to find which mediaserver are compatible, as people tend to post in forums when things don't work, and not if they do.

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