Use 2 JBOD disks in the same bay fails

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Use 2 JBOD disks in the same bay fails

Post by Xairoo » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:38 am

Hello all,

I have 2 disks for backup and I use only 1 of them at the same time (always the same bay). This means, I change the disks frequently (min. each week) because of lightning (happend already!), fire and such damn cases - so I place the disk at a different place.

... this is what I did before I got the NAS with my USB drive bay.

Now I can't do this anymore with the 5big. How can I get this work? I placed the 2 disks in the same bay, formatted it, create the shares and so on. But if I change the drive (did the same steps) the NAS says failed. Also: I don't want to use 2 disks at the same time because i use the other 4 bays for normal external storage and the data gets stored on the backup drives.

Perhaps I have to mirror one of the disks to the other one for 1 time. Or just change some flags, names or what ever.


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