Cannot copy large folders problem. unknown error -50

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Cannot copy large folders problem. unknown error -50

Post by alexandrecfb » Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:11 pm

Hi, Im from Brazil, and I bought last week a NAS 5big Network 2, but Im not able to transfer my files from my Lacie external HD into my NAS, Im always getting the same error "unknown error -50" Im on iMac.
I have found on FAQ this ... ticle=1046

But I cannot see which file system NAS is using. I have formated NAS on Raid 5.
Im also have copied 16gb file into NAS without any problem. Actually, if I copy file by file, into root of public folder it works. When I try to copy a folder with a lot of subdirectories and big files I got the error.

Im using RAID 5 on my NAS with 5 3TB hard drivers connected to.
I need you guys to help me out, cause Im on set, and I really need the NAS for backing up the recorded files.

I have attached printscreens of my NAS settings,
Anyone can help me?
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