SSD Upgrade??

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SSD Upgrade??

Post by Oakhunt » Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:20 pm


I have a really weird issue with my diskless 5Big Network 2

I had 5 disks working in raid 5, I want to upgrade all my disk's to SSD's and after much messing about where i am now is i have 4 x SSD's in raid 5 and one original 1TB spinny disk in slot one that does nothing (show in the gui as NEW) but if i take it out the nas will not boot. Why on earth does my nas only boot when it has an old spinny disk in it. Surely it should have pushed the OS to the other disks too especially as they are raided and working? WEIRD!! I've tried everything i can find on the forum including using the .img file's and adjusting my sector sizes, when i do that the nas gets a solid blue light but it never appears in Lacie Network Assistant and although i can ping it i can't access a GUI of any kind. Its just on, with an IP address and is inaccessible.

Basically what is going on with my Lacie!? i'm ready to chuck it out and buy a Qnap/synology/netgear anything that doesn't have a massive blinking blue light!

Also i cannot factory reset it (doesn't do anything) and i cannot boot it with no disk's in and set it up like when it was new. I bought it diskless so that should work.

Maybe it doesn't support SSD's? i guess it could be that!? but now whatever i do its a blinking blue brick unless it put this one spinny disk in it. When that's in it behaves like nothing is wrong, remembers all its settings and is just fine. That would be good but kind defeats the object of having SSD's if one has to be a noisy spinny disk.

Appreciate any help offered.


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