Long Synchronization??

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Long Synchronization??

Post by NLitov » Sun May 14, 2017 3:11 am

Hi All,

I recently received a used 5Big (from a trusted source who needed an upgrade), the drives had been nuked, so I immediately installed an additional drive to bring it up to 10TB and booted into the recovery media to restore NAS OS.
I had no problems with the initial installation (I monitored it through the vga output). But following reaching 100% in the install, the NAS went into what the LEDs seem to indicate is RAID sync mode. I had not configured it with RAID yet, and furthermore, there should have been no data. The NAS OS output was responsive to typing, leading me to believe that the sync was happening on another thread. However, it has been syncing now for ~12 hours, which seems long for that number of empty drives, and the web interface is unresponsive, so I feel like it must still be syncing.

Am I missing something? :oops:



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Re: Long Synchronization??

Post by Mijzelf » Sun May 14, 2017 4:29 pm

I really don't know if the box is supposed to create and sync a raid array, when installing an OS using recovery media, but
there should have been no data. <snip> However, it has been syncing now for ~12 hours, which seems long for that number of empty drives
For RAID it doesn't matter if there is data or not. The RAID level is below the filesystem level, so it doesn't know about empty. It just has 10TB of diskspace which needs to have parity calculated.
For that, assuming it is creating a RAID5 array, it has to read 8TB, and write 2TB. Assuming it can do 100MB/sec, this means it can take 100000 seconds, 28 hours. If it is creating a RAID6, it's worse, as that needs more calculations.

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