Iomega Cloud disappears from the network

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Iomega Cloud disappears from the network

Post by darioblanco » Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:50 am

Hi. I have a 2tb Iomega Cloud Edition connected to my network via a switch. My problem is that after a while of not using it, the device disappears from the network. Can not access either by http or by the windows system files until you restart and see him again. Could someone suggest me an idea?


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Re: Iomega Cloud disappears from the network

Post by PCPilot » Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:06 pm

I have the same problem. I have had three of these and every one has failed. I have the latest firmware and I do everything else Iomega tells me to do. And it still keeps happening.

I turn everything on in the morning, the LAN starts and everything else appears on the network apart from the Iomega. Sometimes, I get the Iomega appearing as a media device but hardly ever does it appear properly within Windows (7 64bit). And, although I have turned on 'show drive letters', my memory is not good enough to recall when that last worked.

If it does appear as a media device, I can sometimes access it via the browser and tell it to reboot and, if I am really lucky, it may become visible in W7 - but we are talking maybe 5% of the time. And yes, I am using the latest firmware.

I have absolutely had it with Iomega - I find them astonishingly unhelpful and they try constantly to avoid identifying the trouble and, especially, to avoid replacing something within warranty that just does not work to spec.

I bought an Iomega believing that it was a decent make, selling decent products and had decent service.

I now find that none of those is true!

I have checked the log and the SMART status of the drive inside is in perfect shape - so it is Iomega's software or firmware that is at fault.

I have pretty well given up on them and will probably take the drive out and stick it in a Synology enclosure. I manage several of them and haven't had any problems as yet.


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