No acces to hmndhd2

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No acces to hmndhd2

Post by Daniba » Sat Sep 06, 2014 7:54 am

Hi there, I wonder if somebody could help me out. I've lost browser-access to my drive, and also my shares are invisible in network view (Windows). Fortunately at some point i've setup ftp to access my drive so this way i'm always able to retrieve my files. The twonky mediaserver also work without a problem.
As a second bonus i've gotten hold of a second identical enclosure with defective disk. I bought a new 1Tera hd, and with the help of two docking stations and AOMEI partition manager (Wondows 8.1) i made a successfull copy of my original disk. Now i have two identical disks with identical problems:
-shares not visible in my network view, but accessible with ftp
-impossible to configure the drives because my webbrowser says "page not available". However the tab shows the hmnhd-icon after entering http://hmnhd-ticx5f/manage.html

Any tips? Please be patient. I have a lot of experience with Windows machines but I'm a Linux noob :roll:
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Re: No acces to hmndhd2

Post by Mijzelf » Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:38 pm

And I guess you don't have shell access either? I guess some setting is damaged, but I cannot think of anything which the webinterface and samba have in common, but not ftp and twonky.
Maybe the login system. But in that case I'd expect a working webserver, and you would 'only' fail to login.

Have you already tried a factory reset?

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