Feedback on your use of HMNHD-CE

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Feedback on your use of HMNHD-CE

Post by Sim209 » Sat Nov 22, 2014 1:23 pm

Hi everybody,

I'll soon re-install my HMNHD-CE, because following this post (here) i didn't found a suitable solution... So, I've made a backup, I'll install a new firmware and restore data.

So, I wondering which firmware i'll install. OMV seem to be really nice. But since it's an "hack" does it work fine on the long term? The original firmware is made for the HMNHD-CE, but has less functionalities and had play to me bad tricks...

So, I want to ask you feedback on your use of HMNHD-CE...
Which firmware are you using? (Original, OMV,... + version + distro)
How long are you using it?
Are you pleased with it?
Other comments (good or bad) are welcome!

If everybody respond this little "survey", we'll be able to see which firmware is the most popular and which are more stable...

Thanks a lot :-)


Ps: My english is far to be perfect... Sorry!!!

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