NEWB! (have mercy) - bricked.. what are my options

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NEWB! (have mercy) - bricked.. what are my options

Post by drrochet » Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:17 pm

As the title said, I am a newb at this.

I have the 1TB CE and have not plugged it in for about a year. Had problems with it since day 1 and replaced it with WD 1TB usb drives. Since removing all the info off of it, it sat for a bout a year before plugging it in. Did so today and it took forever to boot and get an IP (an hour at least). I updated the firmware to (latest one on Lenovo's servers saying they were no longer supporting the thing). Ever since, status indicator is a dull while and flashing with constant furious disk activity. It is not grabbing an IP, I can't access it via html, and the manager app doesn't see it at all although it is partying.

I have read (viewtopic.php?f=269&t=4703&start=30) and the discussion is way above my pay grade. I got lost on page 1. :cry: :cry: :cry:

A) - Can a new OS be flashed using the USB front panel to make it more stable (as the Iomega GUI was horrible)? If so which one, and how?
B) - If the only way to utilize the thing is to use the Iomega / Lenovo firmware, is there a "plug and play" or something less involved than surgery to get this thing to be functional?

Thanks for reading and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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