Freaking *rap

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Freaking *rap

Post by leonbollerup » Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:34 pm


I got my hands on 3x lacie boxes that both is dead in the water - the previus owner decided to null the disks before selling them.

My new (worst enemy) is:

2 x 2Big Network v2
1x 2Big NAS

All of them will nulled 2TB disks.

Coming from the wonderfull world of FreeNAS/Qnap and Synology i seems i have bought myself just about the worst thing you can get your hands on - so my hopes are that some genius here can help out.

Am i right to asume that OS/firmware/whatever is installed directly on the disks.. and since the disks is nulled there is basiclly no way to get them back in action.

Logically, i have tried the usual resets (both pr. youtube, lacies website etc) - I have also contacted Lacie support - their "best" option was to download the opensource software and find some guide online.... riiiiiiight.. so thats not gonna happen :(

Suggestions welcome.. even ready to offer a bounty to whomever that can get these bastards back up and running.


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Re: Freaking *rap

Post by Mijzelf » Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:26 pm

For the 2Big v2 Installing firmware on fresh disks (2Big 2), or

For the 2Big NAS, did you already try the LaCie Network Assistant? I remember I have read it can install firmware on an empty NAS.

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