LaCie LaCinema HD

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LaCie LaCinema HD

Post by langerak » Sat Aug 13, 2011 7:15 pm

Not a nas, but it's a SoC based device and it's running Linux.

What I want to achieve (and with help from others) is to run vanilla or stock kernel on it with a fresh Debian install on it.

What I've found out is that it uses a Sigma Designs SMP8655 MIPS based processor, has 512 Mb DDR2 ram with 256 Mb flash rom (OS is installed in here I guess?) and has all the connectors you want on a device. Since it's a mediaplayer it's capable of showing 1080p content and hardware accelerated. There are 2 USB ports for connectivity as well as 100 Mbit LAN.

What would be nice to achieve is to have the ability to change it into a Linux small desktop running something like XFCE.

What I've found out this far is that the GPL code is available from the lacie website and on the pcb is 1 unused 5-pin connector (just the holes in the board), I'll try measure it with the mutlimeter to see what comes out of this connector.

I wonder if there are other people that have more information on this :).

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