Cloudbox DLNA Music streaming problem

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Cloudbox DLNA Music streaming problem

Post by Estatic » Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:43 pm

Hello to everyone, this beeing my first message, it seems polite to introduce myself. I'm a music listening fan from Belgium who started to digitalize his CD-collection to FLAC for easy listening and I've got myself a Lacie 2TB Cloudbox to use als a Media(music)-server.

Please forgive any spelling-errors as Dutch is my mother tongue.

I love the idea of a netword drive for streaming my music, however I seem to be running into some problems.

I've connected my Cloudbox using the ethernet port directly to my Router (Proximus B-Box 3, i think it is a Motorola-router).

To the same network I've also wirelessly connected my Yamaha RX-V479 Receiver. The receiver supports DLNA, as does the cloudbox.

In theorie the two devices should be able to communicate without a problem and i should be able to play my .FLAC music files from my receiver.

Sometimes the Cloudbox wil not show up as a network drive on the receiver. The laptops and desktops in my house show up on the receiver and work fine, so I don't think the problems are with the receiver. When i boot the cloudbox, it shows up and i'm able to stream the music on it to my receiver. Sometimes during playback, the cloudbox disappears as a network connected drive and the music-playback stops. When i reboot the cloudbox, the cloudbox connects again.

When it works, it works flawlessly and the audio quality is amazing.

I've read the other forum threads and somebody seamed to have the same problem with media-playback on a Samsung TV, that connection drops after a certain time without a clear and apparant reason. When the Cloudbox can not be detected, it can still be accesed using my PC, but not with my receiver. The receiver displays 'Acces Error'.

I've tried to turn of DHCP and give the cloudbox a fixed IP-adress, but it doesn't seem to solve the problem. So i'm guessing a conflicting IP-adress is not the problem.

After this I've tried to turn of the ECO-mode, so prevent the device from going into the stand-by mode, where the HDD is tuned down to save energy when not in use. I have no idea or this will work and i'm in the testing process, however it would be a shame if i could no longer benefit from the eco-mode. This doesn't seem to remedy the problem either.

Has anyone had a similar problem or a suggestion on how to fix this issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Cloudbox DLNA Music streaming problem

Post by NASExpert » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:48 am

This sound like a pretty complex problem... I can just recommend you to look here.

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