Cloning Lenovo EZ Media & Backup Center

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Cloning Lenovo EZ Media & Backup Center

Post by sampdoria » Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:48 pm

Good day 2 evryone:

My question is: i have replace my 1.5 years old 2TB iomega home network cloud edition with the new version
eg: EZ Media & Backup Center also 2TB and Cloud edition
Since i tried to restore the old nas following the instructions on the wiki and also other forums, i gave up hope and
just bought a new one.
So i want to know if is possible to make a clone of the new model and then restore it on the old but still working
If that is possible will a full clone with acronis enough ? or do i need to do more then just cloning and put it back in the old case? i hope some1 can give me some detailed guide

i thank you already and have a nice day!!

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