Lenovo Iomega ssh root acces

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Lenovo Iomega ssh root acces

Post by Voytec » Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:20 am


I see lots of topic about installing diferent OS(debian), changing media server etc. on Iomega EZMB&C.

But i have much more basic problem. I can't acces ssh shell. While attempting to access ssh by putty or other ssh client i'm asked for login and pass. With my(admin) credentials i'm kicked out from terminal with info "PTY acces denied".

I'm not sure is it because i need to login as root? If so, what are standard login and pass, because root, pass, admin, password in diferent variations are not allowing me to access.

I want to get by ssh to update twonky's tv profile for lg tv i'm using.

Can anybody help with this?

Ok i mange to login :)
user root, pass soho+<root pass from diagnostics.html site>

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