Lenovo Iomega subtitles(srt) on twonky server

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Lenovo Iomega subtitles(srt) on twonky server

Post by Voytec » Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:06 pm

I found a way to enable subtitles to be played correctly by twonky server on LG tv's.
I tried it out on PC version of this dlna server and it worked so now i want to get in running on EZMB&C but I have some linux related problems.

What has to be done:
1. You have to add new device to the list of available devices, for example LG_dlna_custom.xml
with content:

Code: Select all

      <!-- Originally added for LG BP620 -->
      <DisplayName>LG TV 3</DisplayName>
         <DescriptionText><manufacturer>LG Electronics</manufacturer></DescriptionText>
2. On configuration site -> sharing you have to choose this device form list.
3. enjoy subtitles.

But I have a problem with adding this on EZ media, because of read-only acces for this folder.
I tried remounting dev/loop0 but it always ended with: disk is read only.
So i changed it by hdparm -r 0 /dev/loop0 # in manual it is marked as DANGEROUS - as it comes out it is ;)
next i was able to remount with rw premisions.
But when i created file contening dlna reciever, i wasn't able to save it, and whole folder was unredable.
On ls command it reacted like this:
ls: reading directory .: Input/output error

After NAS restart everything came back to normal, but files weren't writen.

Mayby some one with better understanding of linux could help with this?

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