I have a unique connection question?

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I have a unique connection question?

Post by shelleyfur » Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:55 pm

Hello and thanks in advance if you can help me figure this out :D

I have the EZ Media & Backup Center 1T and it works great still I do believe. However I moved to a new house and the way the place is set up I'm lost on what I need to get or do to connect to my backup again. Here's the deal,

The cox cable modem is in one room broadcasting wi fi throughout the house. My computer is in another room that I want to use for my office picking up that wi fi just fine. (I'm on a iMac OS X Yosemite, 10.10.4)
So...I cannot have the back center connected via ethernet to both the modem and computer at the same time. I'd have to get an exceptionally long ethernet cable and run it...where I do not know..through the ceiling?! Ha ha...its not doable.

How can I make this work? Will a router allow it to connect? If so what would be a good recommendation be? keeping in mind "low budget" I am a freelancer ;-)

I am totally without anyone else to ask personally so I'm hoping for some real understanding that this is so not my area! :shock:

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Re: I have a unique connection question?

Post by spiders » Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:51 am

Directly connect the NAS to your router's LAN ports.
On your mac, in the finder, press '⌘ K' and then click the "browse" button.
You should see your NAS (whatever you named it) pop up.
To figure out the ip address, once you have connected to your NAS, go back to the finder and press '⌘ shift U' to open the utilities folder and launch the terminal app. In terminal, type 'arp -an' then press enter. You should see several ip addresses. One of these will be your NAS, the one that ends with .1 will be your router, there may be others, depending on whats on your network. You may have to try a few of them in your browser before you find the right one.
Note that because you have not assigned the NAS a static address, and it is receiving a DHCP address from the router, its ip address will probably change.

The above instructions assume you don't know how to login to your router / don't have the password. If you do, it would be easier to login to your router and look at the status page that will show you all the devices connected.

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