How to : Pull drive out of NAS enclosure and access DATA !

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How to : Pull drive out of NAS enclosure and access DATA !

Post by WeAreNotAlone » Fri Jul 22, 2016 7:17 am


I see vid's and threads about replacing the hard drive, or putting a larger drive in but none on accessing the DATA on a EZ in which a firmware update gone bad, a power failure, or a hardware failure has blocked access to the DATA on the drive!

Q: Who here has experience in accessing the DATA off a NAS drive in which a firmware update has killed the NAS, or a hardware failure has occurred and you NEED to get that DATA off the drive?

Is it really as SIMPLE as attaching the bare drive to a PC running Linux, or using a Linux Live CD on a Windows machine and pointing it to the DATA partition, to gain access to the DATA via Linux GUI?


Hello all.
A little over (3) years ago (2013-06) I bought (2) Lenovo / Iomega 2TB EZ Media and Backup Center NAS's which first came to market around (4) YEARS AGO (mid 2012). My plan being to mirror DATA from unit #1 to #2. (And then backup that data to a local drive as well, So yea I had a backup plan.)

Long story short over the past (3) years, I've pretty much NOT been able to use both drives at the same time, as one or the other, or BOTH drives would disappear off the network at random.

Due to such my plan of having the DATA mirrored onto unit#2.. and then mirrored to another drive as well didn't happen, and my data isn't mirrored. :-(

Fast forward to 2016-07-15 or so.
Received notification from the EZ's a firmware update was available so on a bright sunny day, with no thunder storms within 60 miles + flashed both drives as I'd done several times over the years to thinking that surely after (4) YEARS of this model being on the market, and my (3) years of owning the drives "this" would make the drives "Play Nice" and I could FINALLY Backup DATA of drive #1 to #2. (And then allow me to mirror that data to a local drive as I originally planned.)

Firmware ver Screwed up #1, which I was able to get working again, and it KILLED access to the DATA on drive #2 with 1.7TB of DATA on it! Grrrrr

Not happy. Called Lenovo, got the "Imaging Software ", CRC32: 210E2C98". Problem being its DATA DESTRUCTIVE, and I want to recover the 1.7 TB off the drive.

Asked the "tech" if Lenovo had any apps, or info on RECOVERING /ACCESSING the DATA. Tech could offer no solutions besides him saying I should look into hiring the services of a $$$$$ Data Recovery Service.

$$$$$$$$ Grrrrrrrrrr

SO.... pulled the drive in the EZ.. with the plan to directly access the data.
Why this thread? Info might be out there somewhere but I haven't found any info on directly accessing (recovering) the DATA off a EZ. All the info I've seen pertains on "Restoring" the EZ back back to "As-Shipped" condition. Which means DESTROYING 1.7 TB of DATA.

* What really blows my mind is all the focus being on "restoring" a drive that requires losing all the DATA on the drive. Seems to me the focus should be recovering the DATA off the drive.

(Drive that has been removed from EZ NAS enclosure.)

Is it as SIMPLE as pulling the drive and attaching bare drive to a PC running Linux or booting a Windows machine from a Linux "Live CD" and pointing the LINUX partitioning app /file browser to the partition that contains the DATA Via GUI in Linux... In a GUI fashion a Windows or Mac user could figure out?

*If such can not be done in GUI fashion please post what has to be done.


PS: Really blows my mind that the (1) app Lenovo will forward to a customer is DATA DESTRUCTIVE. I think it's total BS that within the app there isn't a way to choose the option to recover the OS of the drive without it wiping out the customers data, and that Lenovo can't produce a walk-thru (document) or a video of the process of pulling the drive and gaining access to the DATA on a drive in which a firmware update screwed up things, or a hardware failure has occurred.

Especially given that they use the SAME firmware across multiple drives.

*This is assuming the DATA partition is intact.

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Re: How to : Pull drive out of NAS enclosure and access DATA

Post by Mijzelf » Sat Jul 23, 2016 7:48 am

For some unknown reason the Iomege/Lenovo NASes have the data partition in a logical volume in a volume group on a raid array. No, I have no idea why. This makes recovering a bit less straight-forward (as in, Ubuntu won't automagically mount the volume).

Pointers on how to mount it here.

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