eTRAYz Xtreamer won't boot! need Yamon or JTAG PCB Pinouts..

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eTRAYz Xtreamer won't boot! need Yamon or JTAG PCB Pinouts..

Post by ZL2ROB » Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:08 am

Hi Folks...This is my very first post on this PHBBS. All the way from Christchurch, New Zealand (NZL).

Regrettably, my recently purchased and second-hand, eTRAYz Xtreamer NAS won't boot! The previous owner had obviously been fiddling with it and now its a "brick." To de-brick it, I need to re-blow the firmware by using either Yamon or JTAG software and I need to get a copy of the eTRAYz PCB TTL com port pin-outs now already on the eTRAYz PCB.. The operation to do this will probably be exactly similar to many satellite receivers, phones and other software.firmware (usually Linux or variations of it such as, say, Android on cellphones though the pin-outs for each different device will be different). I'll just run a boot sector track on to it then re-install a Ubuntu or some other Linux version on to it and start modifying from there once I can get access to it. Presently, I can get NO access to it whatever despite having tried every trick known to me, man and dog.

I just need to plug a PC/Laptop USB lead into with a MAX232 chip converting from USB to TTL chip levels on to the TTL socket of the eTRAYz PCB if some kind soul already knows what the TTL COM port PCB pin connections are. No, just to get in ahead of any people anticipating the obvious answer, it's NOT at RS232C PC COM port protocol and voltage levels on that PCB eTRAYz COM port, it's probably it at TTL levels.... I need to access the Firmware directly.........

BTW, did these boxes have a known IP address or was it always Dynamic (DNS) addressing??
Love and light to all,
73's de Robert, ZL2ROB. Kia ora from New Zealand (a Maori hello greeting).

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Re: eTRAYz Xtreamer won't boot! need Yamon or JTAG PCB Pinou

Post by Mijzelf » Sun Sep 08, 2013 12:45 pm

Your Xtreamer has an Oxnas810 SoC, so there might be an easier way: viewtopic.php?f=235&t=5183

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