Medion P89635 (MD86803) aka Zyxel NSA-212-ExploringTools

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Medion P89635 (MD86803) aka Zyxel NSA-212-ExploringTools

Post by Haramo » Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:06 pm


I have explored this forum, lookin for topic that describes how to use the tools and what they are for on the mentioned NAS server.

Don't find a topic about these thing.

My first question would then be:

'myTwonky beam Connector at nas-server' icon and 'nas-server' icon, both have some kind of a telefphone icon with earphones. These icons can be found under multimedia devices under network.

If I click on mytwonky beam connector

on one laptop, it opens windows media player , and I see nothing special on it.
on another laptop it opens the properties windows: some info about the manufacturer (packetvideo), model(twonky NMC Stationary), modelnumber, webpage of the device (no page available), then some other things (serialnr, mac adress, ip adress, unique ID).

Maybe someone can help the right way exploring these things?

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