MEDION LIFE S89044 MD 87890 S89045 MD 90217 w/ DLNA Service

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MEDION LIFE S89044 MD 87890 S89045 MD 90217 w/ DLNA Service

Post by Metatron » Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:00 am


I own a Medion MD 90217 WLAN HDD and I am pretty happy with it.I use it mainly as a media server in my car.
Unfortunately, it only allows access using CIFS/Samba, which works but it is relatively complicated and not supported by all media players.
Comparable Wifi disks, like the Intenso Memory 2 Move also offer a DLNA service, e.g. MiniDLNA.

I did some comparisons of the Intenso with the Medion HDD, because the WebGUI looked very familiar, using the following page: ... tenso.html.

For the hardware specs inside, they look very similar, if not identical!

Of the intenso hdd, a firmware update is available: ... 1357297608
So I was wondering, if I could not simply install this firmware?
And in fact, yes, this works!

You can not install it via the WebGUI. But you can copy it on the harddrive, log in via telnet as root, and start it manually.
I noticed a few error messages, but it worked fine.
To be sure, after installation, I installed it again via the WebGUI.

And voila, you have a Medion/Intenso hybrid with DLNA service with very low effort.

I don't own a MD 87890 but I also installed its firmware update on my hdd, so I assume it is again the same.

Try at your own risk!

Enjoy, Metatron
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