TRace access and action.

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TRace access and action.

Post by Maxd29 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:52 pm

i have the Iomega ix4-300d with last release firmware.
i need to trace the access to the nas Share folder/file (from the different account in the domain....of course the NAS it is under domain too)
The trace, must cointain:
who have doing the access (user)
what have doing (create modify or delete)
See who have doing the acces how admin of the nas

So i have try to do that via SNMP but i can see only the state of the NAS.
I'll try to see if i have a syslog to active, but i don't have find any thing about.

So, there is someone that can help me to do that action on my NAS?
thanks at all

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