NAS326 + Hitachi 3tb (HDS5C3030BLE630) problem

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NAS326 + Hitachi 3tb (HDS5C3030BLE630) problem

Post by nicklarry » Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:01 am

So, I just bought NAS326 yesterday and installed a 3tb hitachi disk in it (slot A) with model # HDS5C3030BLE630

The disk is at 100% health and I can use it fine under windows. Now, right after I created the volume as the system requested, the nas reboots and the first hd led is blinking constantly, non-stop and the nas is unusable. After I shut it down and pull the disk out, it boots fine. Same behaviour if I install the disk in slot B. Any idea before I give up on it? Maybe, I could set it up on a linux machine and then put it in the NAS? Would that help? Any instructions how to do that? i recall i should assemble a raid or something, but any specific instructions would help.

Many many thx in advance!

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Re: NAS326 + Hitachi 3tb (HDS5C3030BLE630) problem

Post by JDD » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:57 pm

Just for archive:
Remove all partitions. This will do the trick.
NSA320 FW V4.70(AFO.3) Entware-ng (previous FFP 0.7 on usb )
NAS326 with Entware-ng
Bunch of USB 2 & 3 external disks connected to nas.

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