px4-300D won't shutdown from front panel

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px4-300D won't shutdown from front panel

Post by Mastsrl » Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:54 pm

i have a PX4-300D(that came back from a RMA replacement) which i've been stress testing these past two weeks to see how reliable it is (including several powercycles).
a shutdown from the web management works ok
But i just tried shutting it down with the power button and it stays hung there, power led blinks, LCD screen shows the big power icon, web management is inaccessible as well as SMB but ping still answers.
It has been like this for at least 20 mins.

this happened before with the faulty unit that web mgmt didn't open, shutdown hanged and when i forced it the unit broke down(lost all shares).

any ideas?, it's running latest FW

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