PX6-300D - install some extra apps...

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PX6-300D - install some extra apps...

Post by Crims0n » Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:34 am


I just got my hands on a Iomega PX6-300D and got it filled with all my stuff :)
Now i would like to actually use the power this nas has and install some extra stuff...
i can't find anything however on how to do this... found some tutorials for the ix versions, but nothing on the PX one.

Would someone be willing to assist me in getting this done, or at least give me a push in the right direction ? :)
I have root access to the nas, but can't install anything...

(i would just need some basic stuff like git, svn, python-cheetah, and some other libs...)

if it matters, i'm on firmware I have +/-6TB on data on the NAS and would prefer non lethal damage to the data. :)

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