px4-300d lost shares, where are they defined?

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px4-300d lost shares, where are they defined?

Post by Mastsrl » Fri Nov 21, 2014 12:48 pm

In short, all the sudden px4 box (running 4.0 sw) LOST all shares -1st problem was the "stuck at 95% on boot" which was solved by removing one drive and then putting it back on-(nothing shown via smb or ftp), the "shares" part of the webgui takes a long time to load and shows empty,
volumes ARE there and if i ssh to the box i can LS the contents just fine!.
updated firmware to latest, same problem.
I also can't make any new share, whatever i try to create it just doesn't shows in the gui or appears in SMB/FTP but a folder IS created on the volume

¿where are the shares defined?, are they in the samba config file(which i can't find anywhere, the ones i've found don't have any shares defined)?.

how can i "reset" the shares or remap them without resetting the entire box(having to extract all that data on a linux machine will be a PITA)

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