Help Reset Iomega Storecenter Pro 150D

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Help Reset Iomega Storecenter Pro 150D

Post by LordPinhead » Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:51 pm

a friend of mine bought the NAS from eBay and inserted new Disks to the NAS. After not finding the NAS in his Network, he gave it to me.
After some tests, i find the NAS in the Range, can ping it successfully and Telnet to Port 80, the HDD Status Lights are all Blue and the System Status Light is Green. But i can't browse the NAS with Firefox/Chromium etc.

An Support Guy at Lenovo sent me over here and after reading some Threads, i know i need the Rescue CD (cant find any working Download). So maybe someone has a working link.
My problem is, i have no Information about the Firmware installed, so i just can hope there is a way to get the system working again and update/hack it or has it successfully restored with this howto ... 0-usb-init.

Btw: Does anybody know if there is a serial console like the ix2? Maybe this helps with the restore.

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