PX6-300D Need to know RAID5 details; block size, parity, etc

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PX6-300D Need to know RAID5 details; block size, parity, etc

Post by KameaNetworks » Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:11 pm

Hello. New to the forum; thx for the acceptance!

I'm an IT consultant and I have a PX6-300D with a large RAID 5 volume (6 drives x 4TB each) that was mistakenly deleted by a former associate who reconfigured the volume from iSCSI access to create several LUN's. No data was written to the reconfigured appliance except whatever the iOmega did when the reconfiguration took place.

Since the file system was damaged, I have the drives out and connected to another machine trying to reconstruct the RAID but I'm having difficulty defining certain parameters. Can anyone help? BTW; I have numbered the drives 1-6 as they came out of the appliance.

Someone has been helping me remotely with data reconstruction experience, but there are certain attributes needed that we can't lock in on, even to do file carving. For starters, looking to verify the RAID block size, RAID start sector, file system (believe its XFS), parity rotation (left-symmetrical?), and actual entropy difference, etc.

Does anyone know with certainty what these values are configured as by default with an iOmega appliance like mine? Or at least where to reference this information? I cant find it on the web anywhere, and the appliance warranty ran out with iOmega this summer.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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