PX12-400 smb.conf denyhosts

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PX12-400 smb.conf denyhosts

Post by convexserv » Mon May 11, 2015 9:47 pm


We've got a Lenovo PX12-400. I find that the UI is pretty light on features, and I need to get into the smb.conf to prevent a certain subnet from accessing a few shares using deny hosts.
Ex: (hosts allow =
hosts deny

I have added the lines into smb.conf, I can save the file without issue, no errors.
Afterwards, if I edit or cat the file, I can see my changes. But is seems that after a few minutes, the file reverts back to before my edits (including file dates). Needless to say if I restart Samba, the changes are not applied.

I was wondering if anyone had any success making permanent changes to the smb.conf (or a way to script the changes in after boot reliably)?


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