px6-300d and storage pool compromised

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px6-300d and storage pool compromised

Post by scanman » Fri Jul 29, 2016 6:35 pm

hello guys
i hope you are good , me now not so good but i hope someone can help to make me higher

i have this nas with two series of disks. 1tb (two disks) almost empty and the other with 3 tb hitachi deskstar 7200 (two disks too) . both in mirror1 . today i received this message " The data storage pool is damaged and data security is at risk. "

i checked now and the icon of one disk of 3 tb has a red X on it. no info about drive

now i bought two new drives also because its impossible to find a new one with same specifications ( i found but its more expensive then buy two new one.)

then i would like to know how is the procedure to move all the data i have in the old drive to the new raid. there is a internal procedure to do this fast and safe??

thank for your help. and have a good weekend:


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