Newbie in need of NAS help

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Newbie in need of NAS help

Post by g1ose » Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:21 pm

Hi all,

I am quite new to all this so please don't shoot me down if I have asked some dumb questions.

Current set up
Dlink DNS323
2x2TB WD drives mirrored
Mainly Films and music stored on these and about at capacity.

To have all of the above still stored as well as time machine ability for 2 macbooks (around 2TB required)

Nice to have
web site server ability
ip camera recording functionality
app connectivity

So i seem to have a few options which is where I get stuck.
Buy a cheapo HD for time machine purpose - Issue, we both need to remember to regularly back up and connect the drive
Buy a cheapo NAS like the 2TB WD drive - Good cheap - bad not upgradeable and not very feature rich
Buy another Dlink and add a 2TB drive until i save a few more £ to add another 2TB drive - Good, relatively cheap - Bad 2 machines whirring away, not great for functionality.
Buy something else, maybe 4 bay...utilise existing drives and RAID 5 them with a new drive.

Where I have issues is as follows
If i buy a new 4 bay drive (in order to keep costs down and reuse the 2x2TB's i already have) It needs to be quite cheap, Ideally around the £100 mark (I know, cant get budget past the wife!) and be ok to drop the existing drives in both from a compatibility point of view and a formatting point of view (don't really know how this works between makes etc as i don't want to lose whats on there)
I have been told that the likes of Qnap and Synology have the functionality that I ultimately desire but I cant justify £300+ when i can buy a dlink for £50 which really would do the basics i need quite well (my needs are fairly simple) Can anyone recommend something cheaper that may suffice?

If anyone can shed any light on this it would be really appreciated, if I have got the wrong end of the stick an alternative would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Edit, should have mentioned the existing drives i have are wd20ears which seems to be incompatible with some NAS...

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Re: Newbie in need of NAS help

Post by Simplexion » Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:21 am

RAID5 is never an option. Especially when using that amount of storage.

Using the existing drives will be your problem. Your other option would be to buy a second hand PC, put in a bunch of drives and install FreeNAS or Nas4Free. You can use Time Machine backups with FreeNAS.

I would recommend buying a 4-bay ReadyNAS or similar and gradually adding to it.

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Re: Newbie in need of NAS help

Post by babaladla123 » Wed Oct 15, 2014 2:58 pm

I wanted to set up transmission but first to get it on there, and there is no clear precise information, i find sites telling me to install FFP or DPKG or IPKG etc. But how? obviously. following guides i ended up downloading some large files which seemed to be complete OSes, and found myself trying to enable nobody and get nologin to run in an attempt to run for one implementaiton of transmission. Once i found out that i can just install IPKG to busybox in a tutorial, i ended up putting on their MIPS version (its ARM, and i forgot/overlooked). A day wasted on three attempts.

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