Setting up a MSSII

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Setting up a MSSII

Post by charlieb000 » Sun May 18, 2014 1:44 am

This is just doc'ing the troubles i had with setting it up. Buzz in if you have a comment.

Alot information on the MSSII can be found at the suspended site, but you cant register and its got no new information. It did direct me to the coyote firmware for the Maxtor Smart Store II, although their link was old. I found a newer version from who has input into its development so i suspect that is the latest.

So using the Maxtor interface i installed it and changed the password as instructed.


I wanted to set up transmission but first to get it on there, and there is no clear precise information, i find sites telling me to install FFP or DPKG or IPKG etc. But how? obviously. following guides i ended up downloading some large files which seemed to be complete OSes, and found myself trying to enable nobody and get nologin to run in an attempt to run for one implementaiton of transmission. Once i found out that i can just install IPKG to busybox in a tutorial, i ended up putting on their MIPS version (its ARM, and i forgot/overlooked). A day wasted on three attempts.

So to install IPKG on i got the XSH file from MSSII sections at sh mssii-bootstrap_1.0-10_arm.xsh
I installed it using a modified copy of their script (it may not work well if you use a text editor from windows due to the /r /n which should be /n)

however this forces the drive to have a new share ".optware" which is apparently useless (doesn't belong on the doorstep, and you cant tell the installer where to put it... its normal for linux). so i had to fix this, and you can too using these steps:
1: determine where you want it on the big partition (/share), it was installed onto /share/.optware ... I have a "config" directory in /share which samba has marked readonly and i can hide it in there. Here, the MSS-II only has a html file to jump to its browser configuration, although I also added Putty, Linux howtos and future shortcuts to other browser configurations, eg Transmission
2: Edit the file /etc/init.d/rc.optware using your favourite editor and change the location to your future location.
3: reboot. (the /share/.optware is mounted as /opt and some files are likly in use.)
4: relocate the folder (mv .optware config)
5: reboot again and your programs will work again and ipkg <options> will work too.
6: you will need to delete .optware and any other directories it created during optware's installation in the maxtor configuration because it registers them if it sees them. if the directories do not exist it will recreate them. So delete .opware and tmp there.

The only problem with this is when you reinstall, the optware setup looks for this folder where it should be, and if present gives you the message for a clean install:
rm -rf /share/.optware
rm -rf /usr/lib/ipkg
and then reboot and try again. it warns it will remove existing packages. (although maxtor or rc.optware recreates the .optware so you have to remove it again before a reinstall).

with IPKG installed i installed nano and transmission

transmission was bit of a disaster (three problems impeded running it, then the router software decides it doesnt want to cooperate)

I was contemplating installing a/emule and squid later.

if you want to read about transmission, here:

Maxtor:/ # ipkg install transmission
Installing transmission (2.82-1) to root...
Downloading ... -1_arm.ipk ... Installing openssl (0.9.7m-6) to root...
Downloading ... -6_arm.ipk
Installing libcurl (7.24.0-1) to root...
Downloading ... -1_arm.ipk
Installing zlib (1.2.5-1) to root...
Downloading ... -1_arm.ipk
Installing libevent (2.0.20-1) to root...
Downloading ... -1_arm.ipk
Configuring libcurl
Configuring libevent
Configuring openssl
Configuring transmission
Configuring zlib
Successfully terminated.


mkdir /share/config/Transmission (placed in read only dir, no need to edit files i download. can delete items from within transmission - so i am told)
transmission-daemon -w /share/config/Transmission
pidof transmission-daemon
679 (I am told by instructions that say they are old and nolonger current that i need 3 objects)

Browser: maxtor:9091
I get 403 error and i should modify the .json file
nano /root/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json
"rpc-whitelist": ",10.0.0.*",

i try again (asking the user for this could have been done by some sort of newly starting script)
and my ole firefox gives a broken RPC interface.
on some occaisions browsing attempts crash it.

Maxtor:/opt/bin # transmission-daemon -f -w /share/config/Transmission
interesting ones are:
[15:01:41.310] UDP Failed to set receive buffer: requested 4194304, got 208896 (tr-udp.c:78)
[15:01:41.310] UDP Please add the line "net.core.rmem_max = 4194304" to /etc/sysctl.conf (tr-udp.c:83)
[15:01:41.310] UDP Failed to set send buffer: requested 1048576, got 208896 (tr-udp.c:89)
[15:01:41.311] UDP Please add the line "net.core.wmem_max = 1048576" to /etc/sysctl.conf (tr-udp.c:94)
[15:01:43.330] Port Forwarding State changed from "Not forwarded" to "Starting" (port-forwarding.c:95)
[15:03:48.569] Port Forwarding State changed from "Starting" to "???" (port-forwarding.c:95)

after CTRL-C
Closing transmission session...[15:14:08.129] Saved "/root/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json" (varinaant.c:1217)
[15:14:08.129] DHT Not saving nodes, DHT not ready (tr-dht.c:358)
[15:14:08.130] Port Forwarding Stopped (port-forwarding.c:183)

the system does not read the corrected settings from /etc/sysct.conf at boot.
so this has to be run before transmission:

sysctl -p /locationof/filename (can be any file name)
considering the complexity (sarcasm) of this command, this could have been integrated into transmission.
that fixes the first messages. Kudos to KyleK on for that one.

the second messages was due to no router port forwarding. After forwarding the ports (in the half baked new router, has no entries after the action) i get:

[16:37:52.735] Port Forwarding (UPnP) Port forwarding successful! (upnp.c:282)
[16:37:52.735] Port Forwarding State changed from "Not forwarded" to "Forwarded" (port-forwarding.c95)

[16:43:57.234] Saved "/root/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json" (variant.c:1217)
[16:43:57.234] DHT Not saving nodes, DHT not ready (tr-dht.c:358)
[16:43:57.235] Port Forwarding Stopped (port-forwarding.c:183)
[16:43:57.235] Port Forwarding (UPnP) Stopping port forwarding through " ... nipc_2_1_1", service "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:WANIPConnection:1" (upnp.c:245)
[16:43:57.235] Port Forwarding State changed from "Forwarded" to "Starting" (port-forwarding.c:95)
Closing transmission session... done.

It apparently works fine but the RPC is still broken. here is one example of a crash:

[17:06:49.545] Port Forwarding (UPnP) Port forwarding successful! (upnp.c:282)
[17:06:49.545] Port Forwarding State changed from "Not forwarded" to "Forwarded" (port-forwarding.c:95)
[17:07:36.004] Searching for web interface file "/root/.local/share/transmission/web/index.html" (platform.c:408)
[17:07:36.004] Searching for web interface file "/opt/share/transmission/web/index.html" (platform.c:408)

here is another example of what happened when i restarted it after a crash (caused by telling browser to save the page) no lines are omitted:

Maxtor:/opt/bin # transmission-daemon -f -w /share/config/Transmission
[17:02:31.844] Transmission 2.82 (14160) started (session.c:738)
[17:02:31.845] RPC Server Adding address to whitelist: (rpc-server.c:828)
[17:02:31.845] RPC Server Adding address to whitelist: 10.0.0.* (rpc-server.c:828)
[17:02:31.845] RPC Server Serving RPC and Web requests on port (rpc-server.c:1035)
[17:02:31.845] RPC Server Whitelist enabled (rpc-server.c:1039)
[17:02:31.845] DHT Reusing old id (tr-dht.c:306)
[17:02:31.845] DHT Bootstrapping from 99 IPv4 nodes (tr-dht.c:154)
[17:02:31.846] Using settings from "/root/.config/transmission-daemon" (daemon.c:526)
[17:02:31.846] Saved "/root/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json" (variant.c:1217)
[17:02:31.846] Port Forwarding (NAT-PMP) initnatpmp succeeded (0) (natpmp.c:73)
[17:02:31.846] Port Forwarding (NAT-PMP) sendpublicaddressrequest succeeded (2) (natpmp.c:73)

The web files are there, as are a few others. once it did load completely. It seems nothing can be done on this one.
evidently its a known problem that nobody wants to do anything about (since it crashes without an error message)
see: (kudos to rb07) ... =2&t=11386
here is another but it appears that its about a another bug also

The solution is to define an environment variable before running (not an extra json line),

or simply run:

this causes the RPC interface to work with no crash (although the daemon has gone back to the ??? problem now, seems the router software is bad). And (later), now it is downloading. If you started it with -f, put it in the background by quickly pressing CTRL+Z (which pauses it) and typing bg (or simply close the SSL session).

Will have to add a startup script in init.d as well.... perhaps follow but i think i will tell it to go myself. They recommend adding a user just for transmission for security. [adduser -D transmission]. And to run (untested!), [su -c "Your command right here" -s /bin/sh otherusername] kudos to "Jeronimo Robles"
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Re: Setting up a MSSII

Post by charlieb000 » Mon May 19, 2014 8:35 am

I am told the kernel is old, being, [uname -a]
Linux Maxtor.gateway #1 Tue Aug 22 15:55:07 PDT 2006 armv5tejl unknown

But i still shouldnt need to download a complete OS for that (those large files i spoke of did not include a /boot). I read the kernel is a simple file in /boot, here it's not vmlinuz but uImage. There is another file there mapped to uImage. And /lib contains the kernel modules extending its functions (eg device drivers)...

I ran into this issue when attempting to use a 2Tb usb drive on it: Oops: 17 [#1] from DMESG. (someone may not have been open minded!) Its not that important so might leave it.

usb-storage: device scan complete
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000008
pgd = c0004000
[00000008] *pgd=00000000
Internal error: Oops: 17 [#1]

I already have the "latest" version from the IPKG server.

Perhaps it might be possible to read the WD MyBook WE pages to get a better version, although the hardware could be different (modules), the CPU is 5TEJ, if you dropped all the data in (and i assume, call the kernal by the name that is mapped to uImage) it will probably boot.

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Re: Setting up a MSSII

Post by Mijzelf » Tue May 20, 2014 8:01 pm

When the box has an uImage, it for certainly has u-boot as bootloader. u-boot is in this case configured to search uImage in /boot on that partition. You can simply upgrade the kernel, by offering another uImage.
But. The kernel is specific for that box. A kernel for a different box using the same processor might work, although you shouldn't expect things like leds to behave normally, but a kernel for a different processor will for sure not boot.
In your case it's relatively safe to try some, as you can take the disk out and revert if the box doesn't boot anymore.

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Re: Setting up a MSSII

Post by Lauren23 » Sat Oct 11, 2014 11:17 am

As titled really....

I replaced my old iomega 1TB stor center with a 6TB LS duo. The drives are XFS formatted and raid 1.

Every things plays ok under 12GB and it's connected straight into the router and played though a home cinema system.

Like I said, everything works with the smaller iomega NAS.

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