TerraMaster F2-NAS

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TerraMaster F2-NAS

Post by xhakerek » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:20 pm

Hey people. I hacked this thing. Both JTAG and UART are accessible easily on the main PCB. I have a working kernel compiled and gentoo system installed on it. Will add pics and instructions soon. Can you please pin it somehow or create a new manufacturer on the website? How can I do it? I want to share my knowledge...

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Re: TerraMaster F2-NAS

Post by Mijzelf » Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:33 pm

Pinning makes no sense, as people will find your thread using Google anyway. When more threads about this NAS will arise (probably attracted by yours), a new subforum will be created.

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Re: TerraMaster F2-NAS

Post by uixo » Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:41 pm

I'm thinking about buying this box and running ideally Debian on it. I was wondering whether you were able to make its USB work in the host mode? I'm not interested in connecting Terramaster to a computer but it would be very nice if I can attach a printer or an USB disk to it.

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Re: TerraMaster F2-NAS

Post by xhakerek » Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:47 pm

It just works with kernel drivers. Tested with flash drives, hard drive enclosures, hubs, wifi cards etc. Don't see why it wouldn't work.

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Re: TerraMaster F2-NAS

Post by uixo » Thu Nov 12, 2015 7:25 pm

My F2-NAS has just arrived. Could you please share pinout of the console port? I suppose that console is J4 (it has 6 pins) and JTAG is J5, right? The J2 looks like another USB port, have you tried to connect anything to it?

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Re: TerraMaster F2-NAS

Post by uixo » Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:39 pm

So, the console is J4:
2 Rx
3 Tx
4 nc?
5 nc?
6 +3.3V

This is how does it boot with ethernet cable connected:

Code: Select all

ROM Code Running 
halSPI_ProtectStatus_Clean,status =  0x0
JM2357_SPI_FLASH_ID = 0x3267ACE9
The spi_flash_id = 0x3267ACE9
Normal Mode Will Jump to SRAM 
The DDR Train at spi addr  = 0x1000
The DDR Train at Sram addr  = 0xB0004000
image_len  = 0x8C0
DDR IF reset 
0xb8000c20 = 0x2
0xb8000c24 = 0x8131
0xb8000c28 = 0x22220342
0xb8000c2c = 0x20E56
0xb8000c30 = 0x10200080
0xb8000c34 = 0x1177
0xb8000000 = 0x1
0xb8000004 = 0x73
0xb8000008 = 0x0
0xb800000c = 0x0
0xb8000010 = 0x0
0xb8000014 = 0x0
0xb8000018 = 0xE0E
0xb800001c = 0x0
0xb8000020 = 0x0
0xb8000024 = 0x40010842
0xb8000028 = 0x0
0xb8000030 = 0x0
Das firmware Image at spi_addr = 0x18C0
Das firmware will loading to currentDDRaddr = 0x20000000
Das firmware image size = 0x7B18

       Boot Loader [LOADER 1.04V]     

       Press <ESC> to enter extra mode

Vendor ID : 8c, Device ID : 2115

Default MAC: 00:11:22:E5:EA:93 
Default IP: 
Initialize MAC & PHY... PHY_ADDRESS = 0x1, Broadcam's PHY
PHY link is UP, work on 1000Mbs, FULL Duplex
Start Decompress Kernel.............................................................................OK
Jump to kernel... 

  CodeTek JCS358 [LanDisk] JCS358E-1.04s  
  Hardware Version : 0000 Speed 300MHz
System running!....
Vendor ID : 8C, Device ID : 2115
SATA: RAID mode enable.
WebDAV: use SMB's CFG.
FTPS: use SMB's CFG.
GPIO_MODE: Set to 0 mode.
Vendor_VID: terra-master
SYS_LoadVendorConfig: WEBRD "www.mydisk.biz"
TCP/IP initialized
PPP: initial ok.
4 LED Mode
TCP/IP Start
SEARCH_Task(): SEARCH Initial done.
HTTPS_Task(): initial done, port:8000 eport:8000.
DAV_Task: WEBDAV 8088 /webdav initial OK.
Line print server listening at port 515...
SATA0 Phy has been detected
ATA Initialize!
1 IDE devices attached at [ide]
HD Model: HITACHI HDS7225SCSUN250G 0713BE4WRK     
JM390: detect OK, FW 9.88.
FAT64 initial done.
SMB_Task(): SMB Initial done.
TX Descriptor DMA Start:        0x40008040
RX Descriptor DMA Start:        0x40008840
PHY ID: 0x362, Model: 0x5E61
PHY link is UP, work on 1000Mbs,FULL Duplex
eth0 link up
MAC Addr: 00:11:22:E5:EA:93
UPNP_PM_Init: updTime 10 min, initial ok.
CMD>ITUNES_Task: Initial done.
SOAP_Task(): SOAP Initial done.
UPNP_Task(): UPNP AV Initial done.
BTS_MainTask_Init: init BT OK.
Current interface port0!
DHCPC: Bind IP ( OK.
...UPNP_PM: Service not found 1!
UPNP_PM: Service not found 2!
UPNP_PM: Service not found 3!
UPNP_PM: Service not found 4!
UPNP_PM: Service not found 5!
WEBRD_Update: fail.
I have not been able to break the boot process yet (pressing ESC does not work for me for some reason) nor get some kind of login prompt once the boot is done.

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Re: TerraMaster F2-NAS

Post by skydim » Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:44 am


what properties for serial port?

Software or hardware control


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Re: TerraMaster F2-NAS

Post by uixo » Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:57 pm

15200/8/N/1 works for me

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Re: TerraMaster F2-NAS

Post by AshWind150 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:38 pm

I know this is a bit of an older thread, but I recently picked up one of these NAS's (budget friendly and Plex compatible). I was wondering if anyone had gotten a custom OS running on it. The lack of VPN support and lack of apps in general for it is annoying but isn't worth returning it over.

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