Help Please - NAS drive

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Help Please - NAS drive

Post by hpsims » Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:38 pm

Hi all,
Hoping you may be able to help, I'm looking for some advise regarding NAS drives.

I have family across the the uk and we want to upload and view family pics and videos and files with each other and keep in touch with whats going on wherever we may be. I want an alternative to cloud storage (such as a NAS drive stored in my house and connected to my internet and network) that when required the family could access this storage information via a network connection.

I would be looking at getting something that if and when required i can upgrade with large hard drives to ensure there is enough storage space, but also something that is not to difficult to use or set up as neither myself nor my family as extermly computer savy.

Can you suggest what would be the best type of NAS drive (if this is the correct thing to get)


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