Freecom Silverstore 2bay NAS questions

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Freecom Silverstore 2bay NAS questions

Post by groovedealer » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:42 am

Hey all,

I just got my NAS up and running smoothly in my personal network at home. I still have some questions that I can't find on the forum of Freecom:

- new iPhone 4s gives error on Tonido: need server update. However, not present on iPhone 3GS
- are there plug-ins or add-ons for the server? I can't preview jpg etc now.
- Can you create a shared folder on your pc/mac as a user, instead of having to surf to the url? I have the shares mounted as an admin, but can you do that too as a user?

Looking forward to some interaction,

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Re: Freecom Silverstore 2bay NAS questions - how to root

Post by btsimonh » Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:25 am

How to change root password? - Details below for posterity...
This may help on other devices where you have admin but not root access....

When I first SSHed to the unit, fw = 2001.4110 - Created: Mon, 12 Nov 2012, i had root permissions using admin/admin. However, at some point (maybe after a reboot) the admin user lost root permissions. So I needed to find a way to get the root password. Tried every password I could find on the internet; apparently freecom support will tell if asked... but it's the holidays...

I found a way to change the root password and make su work, so giving full access when you need it:

The file /etc/samba/smb.conf-shares has rw access for the admin user.
vi /etc/samba/smb.conf-shares
root preexec = /shares/Public/
to any share, save, and then change access rights on any share through the web GUI to cause smbd to restart.

create /share/Public/ containing:

echo "root:root" | chpasswd
echo donechange >/shares/Public/done.txt

Access the share you added it to, and done.txt should appear in the Public share.

Your password for 'root' is now 'root'.
login to the NAS using SSH with the admin user and your admin password, then use su to promote yourself to root.
But.. su gives an error:
"su: Not setuid and you are not root, expect this to fail"
To correct this, we can change su to use the su built into busybox:
create a link called su to busybox:
ln -s su /bin/busybox
(I created this in /shares/Public)
then use ./su instead of su

Other notes:
The DLNA media server WiDMS seems to be a proprietary software by 'Wistron Corp'. I can't find much mention of it anywhere except they seemed to have made it for windows too. No chance of modifying it...
It's not stable enough for me, crashing and not performing, maybe because of the amount of material I'm asking it to serve (all my photos since 2002, 50 albums or MP3, 500+ video clips.).
Also, it creates .tb folders containing thumbnails in amongst your media; they are going to be a pain to get rid of.
So my recommendation is don't turn on media serving.
If anyone has binaries for minidlna + all libraries, or has a build environment, for this NAS ('armv5tel'? kernel, would love to hear from you....


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Re: Freecom Silverstore 2bay NAS questions

Post by JKey » Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:28 pm

Hello Simon,

I see that you managed to SSH your Freecom Silverstore.
Can you please tell me if you know if there is a way to change the Tonido settings?

Unfortunately I messed up my Tonido portal in an attempt to fix Tonido after the firmware update to 4110. I changed the port from 10001 to 80, from that moment the Tonido portal isn't available anymore. Even after a reset of the nas, Tonido can't be reached. The only hope I have is to change it with SSH or some other way.

I'm not familiar with SSH, so if there is a way, could you please help me out? :roll:

Any help from anyone would be appreciated!


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Re: Freecom Silverstore 2bay NAS questions

Post by btsimonh » Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:04 pm

Hi Marcel,

funny... was searching for root password, and came across my own post!!!!

One error in it;
it should be
ln -s /bin/busybox su
not the other away around...

looks like your config is in:

so once you have root access,
vi /misc/tonido/configex.xml
(if not familiar with vi, google; it's a bit tricky).


and reboot.

Alternatively, get your original CD, and run on XP, and use Recovery.
(did not work on Windows 7 even in admin for me today).

Good luck!


p.s. my favourite all to ssh from is 'kitty portable'; simple, functional, and no install.

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