Max Speed with Link Aggregation

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Max Speed with Link Aggregation

Post by mzkb » Tue Apr 26, 2016 3:53 pm

Hey all,

First post here. I recently bought the Zyxel NAS540. I currently have 2x 4TB WD Red drives in RAID 0 (backed up nightly to an 8TB archive drive).
Both network ports on the NAS are connected to my managed Gigabit switch and I have configured link aggregation on both sides.
For single device connections I am getting between 90-110 MBps sustained read speeds.
I though that with Link Aggregation I would be able to get 2 connections each running at around 100 MBps but when I tried this with 2 wired gigabit computers (on the same switch), the 2 connections were totaling 100 MBps. I tested each of the drives before installing them and they are separately capable of 150 MBps so with RAID 0 there shouldn't (theoretically) be a bottle neck on the drive side.

Has anyone been able to get higher read speeds off their NAS or is this a hardware limitation?
Oh also if I have completely misunderstood the point of LACP, feel free to let me know :P
I really appreciate any help on this!

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