ZyXEL NAS 540 file upload issue after reboot

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ZyXEL NAS 540 file upload issue after reboot

Post by zolo » Sun May 15, 2016 3:35 pm

I have this strange issue with my ZyXEL NAS 540.
When I boot the device and I want to upload any file above 50-60 MB to any of the shares, the device freezes for a couple of minutes and the file fails to upload (only a “0 byte” file is created on the target). Smaller files upload just fine (this is most strange). I can’t log on to the device via web during that time either. Only after the device unfreezes, it accepts all uploads and all is fine until I reboot the device again (then I need to go through the “procedure” again to have it fully operational). Before the device freezes upon upload attempt, all shares are available and I can read files from it normally, play videos etc. (of course, nothing is available when it is actually frozen).

Anyone knows if this is a known issue to be resolved in the next firmware revision?

The config is:
Firmware - 5.11(AATB.2) / same issue occurred with AATB.0 revision, nothing changed after upgrade
Disks: 3 x WD 4TB Green (WDC WD40EZRX)
RAID Type: 5

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