pkg_httpd restart to change rewrite rules

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pkg_httpd restart to change rewrite rules

Post by craignas » Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:11 am


I have read a lot here and really appreciate the information. I have a question that no matter how hard I try I cannot solve. I also cannot find the answer here.

I have an NAS542 from Zyxel.

How would I be able to stop and restart pkg_httpd. If I use the built-in commands I get an error.
For example,
/etc/init.d/ restart
Then it says it cannot kill all httpd which is strange.

Then, I tried killall pkg_httpd to kill it manually. This shut down the server, but when it came back up by itself it does not load any web pages correct.

The reason I need to restart is to change the rewrite rules, but for now I am not changing anything and it still will not restart itself correctly. Any ideas?

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