synced folders inside NAS.

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synced folders inside NAS.

Post by deemon » Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:39 pm

Synced folders in NAS.

Lets say I have 4 HDD-s in NAS, all as their own Basic drive/volume, not in some RAID or group, all standalone drives.

Now, I want to sync folder ABC on Volume1 with ABC on Volume2 and make it so that the NAS itself will keep them in sync (like when I copy some new file from computer to NAS Volume1/ABC NAS will itself automatically sync this same file to also Volume2/ABC and vise versa) ... and only this one single folder, not the entire volumes... because that would be RAID 1 which I don't want.
Like local backup for one folder on different physical HDD-s. This syncing doesn't have to happen semi-instantly like with Google Drive, but could be like once a day or something... instant would be fine also obviously.

Can I do this somehow? How?

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Re: synced folders inside NAS.

Post by Mijzelf » Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:17 am

In your case I recommend to use Entware-ng to install rsnapshot to do the job. Rsnapshot has as advantage above simply synchronizing that is takes incremental snapshots which behave like full backups, without using more diskspace. (When a file is in different snapshots, it will be on disk only once. Using hardlinks the different entries point to the same disk space. Only when the file changes on the source, a new copy is made.)

For this scenario you should not write to the snapshots directory. If you really want to use both volumes and sync them (where there will be a problem when a file is changed on both volumes between 2 syncs), you can use rsync. (Also available in Entware-ng).

To automate the job you can use cron. The cron in the firmware can be used using Tweaks.

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