Link aggregation interfering with UPNP...

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Link aggregation interfering with UPNP...

Post by jagdtigger » Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:25 pm


So to make a long story short lately almost all media players on my network couldn't find the media server on the NAS540 and after resetting my whole network and reconfigured it from scratch(except for the NAS) i discovered it was the LAG between my switch and the NAS that causing this. After i deleted the LAG on both "ends" and disconnected one of the cables it worked just fine on all of the media players. I dont think that my last problem with the NAS has anything to do with this since it started before that happened... I do not know what caused this, i didnt even touched the network after i installed the switch and the firewall several months ago.

Any thoughts on this?
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