NAS-Central Server Hardware Purchasing/Donation!

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NAS-Central Server Hardware Purchasing/Donation!

Post by timtim » Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:49 pm

Hi all,
A quick update on purchasing, donations, and server hardware. It's all good!

Firstly as you know we have been saving for extra kit and already bought a hard disk, with a view to buying more. Now the second hard disk has been purchased already by other groups involved with organising the hosting for our and other communities!

Following this we are implementing an offsite backup facility for the databases and the site data. For this we are going to use a cheap NAS with redundant disks that can realistically do archiving. I have purchased an LG N2B1D NAS with our funds for this purpose (£199.00 spent from balance) which is a dual bay NAS with a Bluray burner that can burn dual layer bluray discs - which makes archiving manageable/affordable for our needs.

...On another note, I already disassembled it and found a UART. I'll post this info and the disassembly pics some time soon! Attached a picture of our little box for the time being!

Finally now we are hosting the open source bit of WebOS (along with the other communities that share our servers like NSLU2, OpenEmbedded and others) HP have donated a DL385 G7 full of disks to add to our hosting setup at OSUOSL. More information on this and the team of people managing our servers coming soon!

This means now we just need to save for some cheap big disks for the backup box, then we can get back to dev boxes and competitions etc!

Thanks very much to all who donated. More news coming soon.


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