NAS326 scheduled power-on issue

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NAS326 scheduled power-on issue

Post by ZsL623 » Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:04 pm

I bought a NAS326 a few months ago exclusively for backup purposes. The NAS is placed in the shared living and bedroom and I need to turn it off in the evening and start in the morning (to avoid incidental disk activity overnight that could disturb sleeping). This seemed to be feasible by setting shutdown and startup schedules for the NAS in the Control Center/Maintenance section.

Having set it up, the NAS seems to work uncertainly for startup (shutdown is consistently performed as configured): sometimes it does start when configured (even for a few days), then for another couple of days it won't start and needs to be turned on manually. Obviously, such unpredictable operation cannot be the basis of regular backups stored on the NAS.

My questions:

1. Has anybody tried the power on and off schedules on the NAS326? Is it working as expected?

2. What is the internal mechanism for powering on the NAS? As it works sometimes, I presume that either a part of the NAS embedded computer should be still on standby and detect the internal clock reaching the scheduled date/time and activate the NAS, or a separate circuit could support that function in particular. (I presume that shutdown or restart is simply handled by crontab under an active Linux shell.)

3. How could the uncertain operation be debugged and fixed so that it work consistently as configured and expected?

Thanks for all your valuable feedback.


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Re: NAS326 scheduled power-on issue

Post by Mijzelf » Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:12 pm

AFAIK the poweron is done by a microcontroller, probably the same one which 'does' the power button. Don't know why that would fail.
(I presume that shutdown or restart is simply handled by crontab under an active Linux shell.)
There is some daemon running, which does firmware tasks. It is possible that it also does the scheduled powerdowns.

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