Wireless Space Frequently Drops Connection

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Wireless Space Frequently Drops Connection

Post by LcaF » Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:57 am

Hi everybody, i bought a Lacie WS a coupole weeks ago and, after a bit of trouble, since i never had to set up a NAS i managed to get it working.
I first connected it only wired, and transferred all my data via Ethernet and everything worked fine. After that i switched to Wireless connection and i realized that the connection drops pretty often.
i have to set everything up again almost every day and it's quite annoying, even because the WS is supposed to stay in a room where there's no computer and it's supposed to be used even when the computer is turned off as a media storage device, connected via dlna to a tv.

Anyone encountered the same issue?

Lacie Network Assisten does not even recognize the NAS and sometimes my network viewer (i'm on windows7) manages to see the wireless space even if lacie network assistant says "no ethernet disk found".

The problem isn't in my wifi router because i have another computer and a smartphone connected to it and it doesn't seem to drop connection at all

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Re: Wireless Space Frequently Drops Connection

Post by 19pacman73 » Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:47 am

sounds more like if there is an infererence on the same bandwidth on wireless network. try to switch channel and see if it helps...

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