please help me

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please help me

Post by programmasters » Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:49 pm

Hi guys,

I am gonna be brutally honest but you seem to help a lot of people. I bought a 5big network without disks. I got 5 2tb disks but without a correct "OS". I found an image which I wrote on with dd. However the light just keeps on flashing. What to do?

Now for the brutally honest part, I am what you guys call a noob. I do programming but on an os level. When i do a writeout, I just let the os handle it, so I am really novice to this sectors and stuff. However, I do hope somebody could help me with this brainteasewr, because I am beginning to resent this f*cking nas. I thought, meh I can handle it that it is slow and does not have many features as long as I can use raid 5 i am happy, but dammit, It does not boot. So please help me, I am a grown man able to program arduinos and repair my motorcycle but apparently Lacie Is black magic to me

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Re: please help me

Post by Mijzelf » Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:22 pm

I guess you have looked around in this subforum, and found that (AFAIK) nobody succeeded in getting Lacie firmware running on empty disks? It is certainly possible (Lacie can do it), but you'll need in-depth knowledge about how Linux boots, the possibility to read and interpret scripts, and a serial port on your nas. So far there is no tutorial.

At the moment an alternate firmware for the 5big is being developed. You could install that, and volunteer for testing the raid support (which is not added yet).

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Re: please help me

Post by eiremanoffrance » Mon Mar 03, 2014 8:15 am


After a long time, I finally understand that you have to follow lacielm guide viewtopic.php?f=245&t=651&start=30 and put the image on ALL your drive.
About the light,on this page ... m?id=10315, in "documents", find user's manual and you'll find inside light's meaning
in "downloads" section, install "LaCie Network Assistant" it can tell you when your 5big will be online.

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