Video capture to a LaCie 2Big NAS

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Video capture to a LaCie 2Big NAS

Post by JLopilato » Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:19 pm

I would like some advice on capturing H.264 video from ip Camera to my LaCie 2Big NAS Drive.

I recently purchased some ip Cameras for my home as a security measure as well as a LaCie 2Big NAS. The cameras have built-in motion detection and can ftp a photo of the detected motion to the ftp server on the drive. The camera can also capture video to an SD card. However, There is no provision for ftp of captured video. This makes the camera vulnerable to theft/loss of it and/or the SD card and any captured videos it might hold.

However, there are cgi commands and an SDK used by various software that would allow a pc/mac to connect to the camera, capture a video stream, and store the capture to a hard disk. I am sure that this procedure is possible with the LaCie equipment but I am a noobie with both the NAS and Linux.

In the last few days, I have been able to obtain root access to the drive by following instructions on this forum. What I am looking for is a procedure that would allow me to log into the ip camera, query it for motion detection, start the video stream and store the captured video in a share on the drive.

Once I have a clear procedure, I could write the code myself so I am not looking for that. But questions need to be answered, i.e., where would such a program be stored on the drive; how often could it run (in a loop, automator, etc.), how to get it running, how to stop it from running, how to debug.

If anyone experienced with this sort of thing could give any advice, I would most certainly appreciate the help. TIA for your responses.

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