LENOVO EZ Media BK Center, HDD compatibility.

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LENOVO EZ Media BK Center, HDD compatibility.

Post by Oboe » Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:49 pm

hi all, thanks for this forum is very helpfull. I need to replace the current 1tb disk on the nas, there is a possible devices compatibility list?

i want to install a new disk : "WD Red 3TB Hard Disk"
someone can tell me if the device is not supported on the nas?

Thank's very mutch

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Re: LENOVO EZ Media BK Center, HDD compatibility.

Post by sshin » Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:18 pm


I am new to the NAS world, so I think, naively, about the NAS operating system as I do about any Linux system: If the boot sector is where the boot code expects it, any size drive that is big enough will work.

I bought a chassis on ebay, and I'm trying to resurrect it. I looked for information on drive selection, and did not find anything. I looked for generic advice on which drives are best for NAS use, and did not find much.
One article suggested that green drives don't actually save much power if they are only spinning 3 hours a day. I, however, am more concerned about the power usage when the drive is in use: almost all drives are designed to meet their life expectancy spec if the drive housing temperature is limited to 60 degC or below. I think that it is safe to infer that operating at a lower temperature is better. I worked in the HDD industry for years, 60 degC is the temperature at which "you can hold the drive in your hand, but not for long."
Just for fun, look at this chart http://www.antiscald.com/prevention/gen ... /table.php, even though it is for immersion in water, it demonstrates that the "pain curve" gets very sharp at 60 degC. Experienced engineers could estimate 60 +/- 3 C if they could get a hand on it.

I am putting a 320GB in my chassis, 5400 RPM, and I am hoping for cooler operation. I doubt that a 7 year old 320GB 5400RPM drive uses less ( or significantly less) power than a new 2TB 7200RPM drive. And I Am Correct The data for my "Western Digital 320GB SATA WD Green Power WD3200AVVS" and the modern drives is so interesting, I will post links
older AV-GP products http://www.wdc.com/WDProducts/library/A ... 701250.pdf
FEB2014 data for green http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/S ... 771438.pdf
NAS Drive Talk http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/f ... 771047.pdf
  • The new 4TB drive has lower power usage than my older 320GB drive
  • The OLD drive "Non-recoverable read errors per bits read" is an order of magnitude BETTER than the new drive.
  • Newer drive have 6GB/Sec transfer, vs 3GB/Sec for older units - even in a system with Giga Bit Ethernet, does it matter?
Please let us know what your research turns up!

Final Disclaimer: I am discussing Western Digital here only because I just bought one. I (and most other HDD engineers that have shared an opinion with me) think that all the big players make good drives - if a company is shipping units to the big computer integrators they simply can not stay in business shipping junk.
Really Final Word: Beware drives that have been shipped with inadequate packaging, or handled by careless/untrained individuals. Bulk drives are packed for shipping to OEMs, manufacturers often refuse to honor the warranty for units that are designated OEM and then are sold retail.
- sshin
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