Blinking Blue Light, Drive Invisible! HELP!

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Blinking Blue Light, Drive Invisible! HELP!

Post by area52a » Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:45 am

I have had my 5Big Network 2 for a couple years now (set up at home). I am not very computer savvy but do try to fix issues if I am comfortable (& have proper guidance)...The unit has worked fine for years (my wife archives all our videos & photos) until recently. I tried to access it recently but without warning, it has vanished! It has just a flashing blue LED (large one in front of unit). After I tried turning it off & then back on, it seems to power up just fine, the 5 separate LEDs (in the back) first flash red/blue & then one by one flash blue & after about 5 minutes or less, they remain steady blue. The large LED in front flashes blue every 0.5 seconds (for days). I tried rebooting 5big several times, I rebooted router, I connecting the 5Big directly to another PC via ethernet cable. Nothing....I cant locate it, it's invisible. Just the 5 steady blue LEDs in back & bling blue LED in front. I have looked around this forum & noticed that this sort of issue is frequent. Please someone help, I do not want to lose any data either! (happy wife, happy life) :D

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Re: Blinking Blue Light, Drive Invisible! HELP!

Post by Mijzelf » Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:23 pm

The advice is the same as for all other sufferers. Create an account at, download the 'stand alone kernel' for the 5Big2, and try to repair the array.

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